Salt Lake City, Utah Based Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Hi there! I'm Kylie, I'm a full time wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I absolutely adore being able to capture some of life's happiest moments. I firmly believe that your wedding day should be one of the happiest most care free days of your life! I'll be there to capture your day and all those special little moments in between.


I have been photographing weddings for about 3 years now. I am all about capturing life’s fluid moments & that genuine happiness it creates. HAPPY moments are what I live for!! It’s so fun being able to be a part of so many amazing weddings & being able to experience so much joy on the daily.


Kylie is the absolute sweetest human. I was so lucky to have found her for my bridals and my wedding. She was not only extremely professional, but truly personable. She was so warmhearted and easy to get along with. She made me feel like the most beautiful bride there ever was. She was also SOOO FAST editing our pictures. She was always punctual! And she was so reasonably priced! She made my entire wedding experience unforgettable. She captured every moment and edited the pictures BEAUTIFULLY. All of my friends came to me after my wedding and said how much they loved Kylie's work and how they hope to use her for their weddings. I will definitely be hiring Kylie for any of my other photography needs! We love Kylie!


I don’t know where to begin! Kylie is all things good. She is definitely a people person, and she is amazing at what she does! One thing we found really great was that she was able to make us feel so natural and comfortable in front of the camera. She knows exactly what she is doing and her pictures definitely show that! We were so anxious to get our pictures back and she was able to get them edited and sent to us in less than a week, and we loved every picture. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. You won’t be disappointed!


First of all, I’m completely blown away!

You can trust Kylie to hold the precious moments and memories of people literally in her hands, and she does it carefully and professionally.

Cody and I do a lot of photoshoots but Kylie made us comfortable immediately, there was not a dull moment with her.

Kylie is also the best for making sure we’re comfortable and never have to worry about forgetting those memories in our brains.. Kylie did a phenomenal job with delivering us beautiful, raw pictures of what each moment means and the emotions they hold.

I’ve literally raked Instagram and Facebook for a photographer that fit perfectly for our budget and style and stumbled upon Kylie. It was the best choice and wished I’d known her sooner! Thank you for handling our moments with patience and care. I’ve always invested on making sure our photos are professionally done and handled with care especially with talents like Kylie. These photos held memories that Cody and I will truly treasure for the rest of our lives. You cannot put a value on that.

Im looking forward to working with her again and share her work with friends and family (and for whoever is reading this and thinking of getting Kylie) for them to also enjoy her work the same way we did. I’m rooting for you Kylie and can’t wait to see you grow!

Bethany & Jake

Kylie has been there for some of the most important moments of our lives. She offered to take our engagement pictures when she was first starting out, and we were so impressed with her work that we hired her for bridals and the wedding day too. We knew exactly who to call when we needed maternity pictures and then pictures of our sweet baby when she was born. She even made a beautiful video for us that we will cherish forever. She has a natural eye for photos and has a very distinct style. It’s been fun to see her develop her touch the past few years. She’s easy to work with and extremely kind, always going the extra mile. I never felt awkward posing, she makes it feel natural and that definitely shows in her work. To say she is talented is an understatement. We can’t wait to hire her again in the near future to capture the special moments in our lives.